The pros and cons of using spray tanning

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The process of tan can improve and boost the skin in winter without the aid of sunlight. This spray will fill the place of sunlight. This makes the skin to change its color temporarily into darker one without the need for you to spend time under sunlight.

There are many pros and cons of spray tanning in using the tan spray that plays both health as well as risk the risk role in the life of human being.

Pros of spray tanning

Spray tanning has many benefits when compared to any other self-tanning products or sun bathing.

You need not sit under the sunlight for hours to allow the ray of sun to penetrate inside your body and make your skin darken and need not wait for the day to change the color of your skin which you think to obtain.

spray tanning

The amino acid in your skin will react to the tan and these changes the pigment of your skin color.

While doing sunbath the UV damages the skin and this acts as a protective shield.

While in spraying tan, they will not require you to sit under heavy sun. You can apply the spray and sit under shadow.

Tanning lotions are also available instead of sunbathing but it will be slightly thicker than spray. The spray will give you even application all over the body than lotion.

Cons of spray tanning

As you have read the positive aspects of using tanning spray there is negativity in it also. The main cons of tanning are inhaling the smell of spray.

It will not be possible for you to hold the breath till the end. The DHA content present in the spray will also lead to cancer due to inhalation.

When you spray tanning to the body it will start to penetrate the body and the chemicals added to it will bring you heavy side effects.

process of tan

Through the pores in the body the chemicals enters in and they will start to multiply the DHA inside the body also and lead you to get into trouble.

Spray tanning is normally more expensive than sun bathing. Other than self-tanning, they are 3 times more expensive also.

Bottom line:

Maintaining your skin in the right way is very important because skin is the major organ in the body of human being. Know about the pros and cons of fake tan before you think of to use them.

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