Short Shag Hair Styles to Flatter Round Faces

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It is no secret that short shag haircuts are in trend these days, and you can find a style to suit your face shape. We recommend choppy layers, asymmetrical bob with side part and bangs, or blunt cut with fringe if you have a round face.

Round faces are often considered more feminine, but they can also pose a challenge for hairstyles. If you have a round face shape, what is the best haircut for you? What length should your hair be? How long should it hang down past your shoulders?

Ideas of short shag haircuts

Shorter shag haircuts that end above or below the chin will help balance out an oval-shaped face. Bangs that angle across the forehead may make features seem less wide and angular by balancing them with softness on one side of the face. A short bob cut could work well if you’re looking for something low maintenance and easy to style every day without too much fuss. However, shorter cuts like these might not work as well.

short shag hairstyles

Short hairstyles are great for those with round faces because they elongate the face and make it appear slimmer. Women with round faces should avoid long, straight hairstyles as these often add weight to the face and make it look even more rounded. Short haircuts also help draw attention away from any other issues such as a bulbous nose or broad forehead by drawing all focus on your gorgeous hair.

Shag haircuts for women

If you have a round face, you know that it can be difficult to find hairstyles that flatter your features. But fear not because this article has some of the best short shag hairstyles for round faces! We’ve searched high and low on Pinterest to bring you these trendy looks today’s women are dying for. From textured bobs to sleek pixie cuts, there is something here for everyone. And don’t forget about bangs – they can help elongate your face shape! Plus, they’re perfect if you still want long hair but need an update or change of pace. So scroll down below and find your new favorite look today.

We all know that there is no such thing as a one size fits all hairstyle. That’s why we’ve gathered together some of the best short shag haircuts for you to try so that you can find your perfect style. Whether it be a pixie cut, bob haircut, or something in between, we have plenty of styles for you to choose from and love.

Hair is a big part of fashion and beauty. A lot of women are always looking for new, trendy haircuts to try out. These styles are perfect for showing off your beautiful features while keeping your hair healthy and manageable.