Vitamins involved in the growth of eyelash

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Eyelash plays a major role in the life of human especially more in woman. Having a long eyelash will make you look beautiful. You can make your eyelash thicker when treating it with high content of vitamins. There are some of the vitamins for eyelash, that involves making the hair growth of eyes extraordinarily.

Eating the best food will increase the growth of eyelash and makes it turn to be a thicker one. Drinking a lot of water will not only involve in the growth of eyelash but also improves the growth of nails, hair, skin, etc.

When eating a balanced diet you can obtain the best eyelash for your eyes. The growth of eyelash has a short growth cycle. One hair in the eye will last up to 30-4-0 days they automatically it will fall off. There are some vitamins involved in the supplements for eyelash growth.


Vitamin C:

Vitamin C plays a major role in the improvement of the immune system and also they protect the eyelash from any incoming infections that will inhibit the growth of your hair. Vitamin C does the healing process and they keep the eyelash always hydrated, they suppress the inflammation in hair follicles, repair the hair, and lowers the risk that will obtain in the eyelash.

Vitamin C is more abundantly found in food substances like pineapple, orange, grape, strawberry, etc. the eyelashes vitamins will also help you to build up your confidence level as well as beauty.

Vitamin E:

This protects the hair follicle from damage. The major work that vitamin E does is transports the oxygen and blood to the hair follicles, eliminates brittle and dry eyelash breakage. The vitamin E is more commonly found in spinach, sunflower seeds, blueberries, kale, etc.

growth of eyelash

Vitamin H:

Vitamin H is otherwise said to be as biotin this encourages the growth of eyelash into a thicker one. This also increases the blood flow in your follicles. It doesn’t allow the hair of eyelash to become dry and prevent the falling of eyelash. This also supports your body to absorb the nutrients such as fat. Vitamin H is abundantly found in food substance like soybean, egg, mushroom, and banana.

Final thoughts:

Maintain the hair of eyelash will be a challenging job. Make, use of this article to grow your hair by in taking of rich vitamins to make eyelashes grow and enjoy with you thick eyelash.

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