Tips to dry makeup brushes within a short period

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It is important to properly maintain your make up brush. Makeup brush plays a major role in drifting your make up to the next level. The right brush will support you to look beautiful while the bad brush will not support you and it will be hard for the user to work with. There are some of the tips involve to dry makeup brushes fast.

To wash makeup brushes use highly pure water for good result. After you wash your brush, make them to be placed in a towel. You can use either towel or tissue paper that will absorb the water content easily. Place a towel, which can absorb a large content of water.

Place the towel down and over it keep the brushes and half of the towel must be left empty. This will be the best way to dry makeup brushes faster.

dry makeup brushes

The half towel which is left unused must be folded over the brushes and allow them to dry for 5 minutes by leaving it untouched.

After folding the brushes within the cloth, they must be gently pressed using the help of your hand on the top of the towel. By continuously doing this for 5 seconds on each brush the excess water in the bristles will be squeezed out.

Check for the complete removal of bristles because even after washing the bristles will stay back in the tip or shelf region so make sure about it.

Then leave the brush as such for 3 to 4 hours so that it will completely get dried. While drying the brush keep it under the fan so that the air circulation in fan will help the brush to get dry quickly.

Before you use for the next time with the help of your hand touch the brush and feel for any bristles remaining in the brush.

Allow your brush to be hanged for sometimes in an inverted direction by holding it with the help of bands. The bristles have to maintain the shape without changing.

Your brush will dry faster when it is allowed to hand under the fan.

Purchase a good holder for your brushes which will help your brush to dry.

Bottom lines:

These are the properly ways to clean makeup brushes in the right way. The instruction given in this article will help you to make your brush clean with perfect structure of bristle make use of this and enjoy with your clean brush.

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